Changelog ⚙️

4.0.2 - 2021-02-26 (Pending Push)


  • Implemented the ability to select an "All time" date picker range for stats.

  • Improved how the UTMs are presented, now you can click on each UTM source and see the medium and campaign linkage.

  • Started adding more languages.

  • Added Stripe payment gateway for those who don't have Paypal.


  • Fixed heatmaps & goals issues that were occurring on some websites and not triggering properly.

  • Fixed rare timezone-related issues occurring in the dashboard stats.

  • Fixed goal creation type selector not working properly in some browsers.

4.0.0 - 2021-02-03


  • Added the ability to click on the external links of the referrer pages.

  • The city of the visitor can now be seen on the Visitor details page and in the Session replay page.


  • Improved the performance of the Pixel tracking modules and cronjobs.

  • Updated the session recording library to the latest version and improved the performance of storing the recorded data.

  • Multiple other small fixes, cleanups, and improvements.

  • Animals are now super cute, all of them.

3.0.0 - 2021-01-23

We have been planning on implementing a new tracking method that is more lightweight and to be fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. As a result of that, we are introducing a new tracking mode today. You have the ability to choose your preferred mode when adding a new website.


  • Implemented Cities tracking


  • Improved performance of the Pixel tracking script.

  • From now on, bots will be automatically excluded from being tracked.

  • Fix real-time analytics not taking into consideration the timezone of the user.


  • Fully replaced the browser tracking library with a new and more up-to-date one for better accuracy on link statistics.